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Feature request platform with access to all and vote system

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    Hi Stephane,

    Thank you very much for the feedback. At Bionano, we always appreciate customer feedback about our products. I will discuss with my other colleagues about your idea and follow up with you.
    Meanwhile, please let us know your user story and feature request through our [email protected] email. Thank you.


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  • Feature request platform with access to all and vote system

    I have asked this many times and it is again very actual with the release of Access.
    We need a platform where to put our needs and expose them to the user community so that others can vote and lobby the development decision which is very opaque as of today to the end user.
    Today's software developers mostly use GitHub where the 'Issues' page allow such social approach, the final choice is to the developers but at least they know what people need (++ subscribed Users get email notices when something new appears).
    This forum does not seem adequate to me as seen by the number of players and the age of the posts and there exist a Github page already.
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